Turing Lecture Coming to Dublin in 2017

The ICS Foundation is delighted to announce that the renowned Turing Lecture series will take place in the Dublin Castle Conference Centre on February 22nd 2017.

ICS was successful in its bid to bring the lecture – now in its 19th year – to Dublin to coincide with the 50th anniversary of The Irish Computer Society.

The lecture series is a world leading event, presenting a topic from current research in computer science and given by an acknowledged expert in the field with past speakers including Chief Research Scientist at Microsoft research, Professor of Information Engineering in Oxford University, Senior VP Technology and Manufacturing at IBM to name but a few.
The Turing lecture series was started by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) in 1999 in honour and recognition of Alan Turing’s contribution in the field of computing.

Turing, features in 2014’s biopic ‘The Imitation Game’, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, the movie is based on his life, career, and tragic early death. Turing worked for the Government Code and Cypher School (GC&CS) at Bletchley Park and played a huge role in cracking the German Enigma code during World War Two, an event which World War Two historians believe shortened the war by two to four years.

He is still regarded as the “Father of Theoretical Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence” and much of what we take for granted in modern computing evolved from his theories on computational thinking and cryptography. Turing was a pioneer in the gay rights movement, an issue he was publically punished and subsequently pardoned for by Queen Elizabeth II in 2013.This is fantastic news for Irish students and professionals alike and will draw academia world–over to Dublin Castle in February 2017.