Past Projects


eHealth Ireland Ecosystem

ICS Foundation, along with HISI (Health Informatics Society of Ireland) was proud to facilitate the HSE in providing a delivery and support mechanism for the adoption of the national ecosystem from 2015-2016. The Ecosystem was used as a vehicle for cooperation in achieving the key priorities of the National eHealth Strategy and assisted this in the following ways:

  • Strengthened coordination of all policies related to eHealth, from support to research and deployment, to developing a legal framework in specific areas like medical devices, patient safety, information security and interoperability.
  • Promoted mutual learning and sharing of good experiences inside ecosystems between purchasers and providers, academia, citizens, industry and throughout the public and private sector health industry.
  • Allowed innovative concepts, products and services to create new markets by applying new sets of rules, values and models.
  • Accelerated the implementation of existing and proven devices and processes through intensive innovation techniques and innovative procurement tools to ensure that citizens receive the benefits in a shorter timeframe, by delivering on existing priorities.
  • Identification of key National eHealth priorities and accelerating their progress within the ecosystem e.g. Medication Management, ePrescribing, Skills Development, Interoperability Standards.

Events facilitated by ICS Foundation and HISI in the ecosystem project have brought together expertise from across the Department of Health, HSE, innovative health technology suppliers, hospital chief pharmacists, dermatologists, nurses, academics, GPs and software engineers to discuss themes such as ePharmacy and Clinical Engagement and Research.