Health ICT

The ICS Foundation supports the Health IT sector in achieving the level of eHealth skills required to deliver an efficient, safe, cost-effective and transparent service for the benefit of citizens. We provide citizens with the ICT compentence to avail of healthcare technology and an appreciate of the relevant of ICT to their health data management.



Joint Action to support the eHealth Network

Developing political recommendations on eHealth implementation in Europe.

JAseHN is an EU project that will:

  • Make recommendations on online training tools for health professionals concerning cross-border health-care services
  • Report on EU state of play on patient access and portability of health data
  • Make recommendations for patient access to electronic health records

The major objective of this Project is to act as the main preparatory body for the eHealth Network according to the multi-annual work plan 2015-2018 and as such to focus on the elaboration of Deliverables that shall be submitted to the eHealth Network prior to their bi-annual meetings. The Project aims to develop political recommendations and instruments for cooperation in the four specific priority areas that are specified in the eHealth Network’s multi-annual work plan 2015-2018 and that were adopted by the eHealth Network in May 2014: a) interoperability and standardisation, b) monitoring and assessment of implementation, c) exchange of knowledge and d) global cooperation and positioning.