Digital Inclusion

The ICS Foundation facilitates the unemployed and low-skilled members of society to improve their status through digital education and in doing so reduce the digital divide. We promote the principle of world leading ICT competence certification. We raise awareness of the issues of data protection and privacy among citizens.


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The BenefIT 4 Programme is a grant initiative by the Department of Communications, Energy & Natural Resources which provides basic internet training to people across Ireland who are ‘digitally excluded’, through community, voluntary and not-for-profit organisations.

The main aims of the Benefit 4 programme is:

  • To inspire more people to engage with Information Technology
  • To encourage people to go online and reward them for doing so
  • To support those who need a helping hand

Benefit 4

Former Minister Pat Rabbitte with Benefit 4 candidates, 3rd Feb 2014

Under the Department of Communications Energy and Natural Resources BenefIT scheme, since the programme began in 2008, over 129,000 training places have been taken up in over 700 locations countrywide. These people received basic internet skills to prevent them from missing out on opportunities that most people now take for granted: making use of the Web, sending email, using Internet telephone services, shopping and banking online.  Training took place through partnerships with 47 community and voluntary groups and not-for-profit organisations across Ireland, targeting the unemployed and disadvantaged groups as a priority.

The Get Ireland Online programme aims to ensure that no one is left behind as the country gets increasingly digitally savvy.

To find a list of Benefit 4 traning locations, click here