Digital Inclusion

The ICS Foundation facilitates the unemployed and low-skilled members of society to improve their status through digital education and in doing so reduce the digital divide. We promote the principle of world leading ICT competence certification. We raise awareness of the issues of data protection and privacy among citizens.

Digital Skills for Citizens

The Digital Skills for Citizens Scheme is an initiative under the Government’s National Digital Strategy, funded by the Department of Communications, Climate Action & Environment. As a grantee of the scheme,  ICS Foundation has successfully been awarded funding to provide free basic digital skills training to citizens.

Similar to its predecessor Benefit 4, the scheme provides training to “non-liners” and aims to give people the confidence, motivation and skills to take their first steps online, so that they can play their part in an increasingly digital world. The training is aimed at target groups including people aged 45+, farming communities, small business owners, job-seekers, persons with disabilities, and disadvantaged groups. Currently, Digital Skills for Citizens training is being offered in libraries, community centres, training centres and numerous schools around the country.

To find a list of Digital Skills for Citizens traning locations, click here

If your organisation is interested in offering the training, email Liz at for more information.

This initiative is open to training centres in Ireland only.