Our Work

The ICS Foundation advocates for and promotes digital inclusion, ICT in education for teaching and learning, the teaching of technology in education and represents the IT profession in Ireland.
We do this through our industry, education and community networks and by forming partnerships, alliances and associations with coalitions whose philosophy and goals resonate with our own.Our work

The ICS Foundation aims to equip society with the knowledge and tools to become digitally literate and to seek and develop career pathways in IT.

We will do this by:

  • Collaborating with government, academia, industry and national, European and international standards authorities to establish sectoral skills frameworks, common standards and qualifications with global recognition
  • Designing, operating and supporting a range of education and community outreach initiatives designed to support Ireland’s economic and social development through the use of IT
  • Conducting research on IT issues facing society and consulting on projects that address those issues
  • Providing leadership on ICT related issues across society

Our work is focused around four areas:

  • Digital Inclusion
  • Education
  • Health ICT
  • ICT Professionalism