OpenQasS Multiplier Event in Ireland

The OpenQAsS project vision is to utilise the potential of today’s networking technology in all areas of the implementation of the EQAVET Reference Framework principles, and so make the resulting tools part of the daily practice of institutional Quality Assurance in VET schools.

The ICS Skills partner Multiplier Event was held on the 29th March. 22 professionals attended, as an additional session after a presentation on the general area of quality assurance, with a focus on ECDL training, assessment and the integrity of the programme. The attendees were varied, from the Further Education sector, secondary schools, private training centres and special needs training facilities.

According to the feedback forms, EQAVET was a new concept to the teachers, but with the increased emphasis on accountability in teaching and learning, they very much welcomed the objectives of the project, and felt that the outputs would be positive and helpful. There was a clear request that the course syllabus should reflect the particular requirements of the Irish Qualification and Quality Authority. The final project meeting will take place on the 13th and 14th of July in Hungary, where we will present the feedback on the interest and reflections of the group.