LauraLynn Children’s Hospice Win eHealth/Digital Award at IMSTA Awards!

Congratulations to LauraLynn Children’s Hospice who won the HISI sponsored eHealth/Digital Award at the 5th Annual IMSTA Awards, held at the Croke Park Conference centre on October 6th.

The winning entry, ‘Double Robotics’ is a telepresence robot enabling telecommuter’s feel more connected by giving them a physical presence where they can’t be in person. It’s best described as an iPad on a Segway, with a pair of squat wheels at the bottom and a telescoping pole that extends from three feet to five feet tall. At the top of this, there’s a jig for an iPad, and the whole arrangement is self-balancing. You log in like a Skype call — either via a mobile app or website — and are then presented with controls to move the bot around, while a loudspeaker attachment lets you communicate between users across environments.

HISI Chairman Declan Fitzgerald presented the award and congratulated the team at LauraLynn for their excellent work on the project.

This years ceremony was a black tie dinner, hosted by RTE Presenter Michael Lyster.

The keynote address wasgiven by TEDx speaker Marc Koska, OBE, WHO consultant and inventor of the life-saving K-1 Single Use Syringe.

Marc gave a fascinating presenation on how the re-use of syringes is the 9th biggest cause of death worldwide, through transmission of disease. His keynote contained video footage from hospitals in third world countries engaging in such dangerous practice and discussed the challenges he faced when encouraging the use of his invention, the ‘K-1 Single-Use Syringe’

ICS Foundation would like to congratulate all award winners and nominees.