Get involved in the Bebras Computing Challenge!

The 2017 Bebras Challenge will take place from 6th – 17th November, run by the ICS Foundation, the Bebras® Computing Challenge introduces computational thinking and computer science to students from 8-18 years by allowing them to solve interactive tasks online. It is run in over 30 countries and takes place every November, where you can schedule your classes test any time during these two weeks.

Bebras consists of fun and engaging short questions, these questions can be answered without prior knowledge of computational thinking but can uncover a student’s aptitude for the discipline. It teaches participants that computational thinking is an integral part of solving problems in daily life and aims to get students excited about computing.

Bebras has challenges for five age categories, incorporating primary and secondary students. Each challenge consists of 15 multiple choice questions – 5 easy questions, 5 medium questions and 5 hard questions and each participant gets 45 mins to complete. It is completed online in your own school.

The Bebras Challenge:

• Requires no prior knowledge
• Is low time investment for teacher
• Takes 45 min
• Runs for two weeks, so many classes can participate
• Provides certificates of achievement for all participants

Jim Friars, CEO of the ICS Foundation said, “The ICS Foundation is proud to run the Bebras® Computing Challenge in Ireland, we need to encourage young people, both male and female, to understand and get involved in initiatives like this and to recognise the benefits of ICT skills and how important they are for the future.”

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About Bebras

Bebras is brought to you by the ICS Foundation, a registered charity and the social enterprise division of the Irish Computer Society, a non-profit membership organisation. The ICS Foundation is charged with advocating for digital literacy and the use of technology in education, research and developing policy on all aspects of ICT and supporting the ICT profession in Ireland.

The ICS Foundation run the Bebras Challenge on a non-profit basis. The ICS Foundation run many other educational outreach projects including Tech Week Ireland and the National Scratch Competition.

Bebras is an international initiative whose goal is to promote Informatics and Computational Thinking especially among teachers and pupils of all ages. The Bebras Community is an association of organizations which are involved with informatics and educational activities in this area. For more information please visit: