Funding Available for Basic Internet Skills Training Programme

We’re pleased to announce that ICS Foundation has successfully been granted another round of funding from the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment, for the Digital Skills for Citizens scheme, with a training target of 2,000 people for 2018.

Digital Skills for Citizens has been running since January 2017 and we are now seeking new partners who would be interested in offering basic internet training in their local communities.

Similar to its predecessor Benefit 4, the scheme offers free basic internet training to “non-liners” and aims to give people the confidence, motivation and skills to take their first steps online, so that they can play their part in an increasingly digital world. The training is aimed at target groups including people aged 45+, farming communities, small business owners, jobseekers, persons with disabilities, and disadvantaged groups. Currently, Digital Skills for Citizens training is being offered in libraries, community centres, training centres and numerous schools around the country.

How Digital Skills for Citizens works:

  • Courses are 10 hours long in total, meaning 5 x 2 hour classes need to be provided to cover all topics (each class must not exceed 2 hours duration).
  • Training must be provided free of charge to the trainee.
  • A computer with internet connectivity must be made available for all trainees
  • ICS Foundation will set you up on our administration system where candidates can be registered and all training resources can be accessed.
  • ICS Foundation will pay centres €60 per person that completes the course and online feedback required.
  • All training resources are provided by ICS Foundation, including promotional materials, enrolment forms, sign-in sheets, course notes etc.

Course content:

Programme A: Productive Use of Digital Skills (6 Hours) – All topics under Programme A are compulsory.

  • Introduction to the internet
  • Internet safety & security
  • Email
  • Search engines and websites
  • Online government services
  • Conducting everyday transactions
  • Online voice and video calls
  • Use of “Apps”.

Programme B: Lifestyle Choices (4 Hours) – Trainees should be given the opportunity to select a minimum of two topics from Programme B.

  • Specific government online services
  • Social Media
  • Video, TV and Radio
  • Shopping online
  • Instructional videos on YouTube
  • Online banking, including the process and security safeguards
  • Digital photography
  • Revision of one or more of the topics under Programme A.

If you are interested in providing this training, contact Ciara at or phone 01 237 7777.