Digital Opportunity Traineeships Initiative

The crisis in the supply of high level digital skills continues to hamper ICT companies’ efforts to fill specialist roles. In an effort to address this skills shortage, the European Commission launched Digital Opportunity the traineeships initiative, in December, 2017.

Digital Opportunity is a pilot project to boost digital skills through internships/traineeships to provide working experience in the digital field for 5,000-6,000 graduate students in 2018-2020. These Traineeships are of 4-5 months duration, and trainees will receive allowance of €500 per month, financed by Horizon 2020 and implemented through Erasmus+. As such, it will require the cross-border mobility of trainees.

We in the Irish Computer Society are conducting a study on behalf of the European Commission (DG CONNECT) to gauge the type of skills companies’ need, their current practices to acquire those skills, and what kind of support might help them to launch or enhance their own internships. Also, the Commission would like to record companies’ views on implementation of the new Digital Opportunity traineeships initiative.

This support study will involve around 300 interviews with ICT companies in 15 EU Member States. ICS has successfully conducted a number of interviews with high-profile companies around Ireland. The feedback has been submitted to DG Connect and further information will be shared in due course.

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