Computing and Digital Literacy, Call for a Holistic Approach

The Coding vs Digital Literacy Conundrum

Political momentum around coding skills is growing in Europe and worldwide. Many initiatives to promote and teach coding are led by national governments, private and non-governmental stakeholders and academia. The European Commission is also supportive and active in these endeavours. In order to ensure skills development is consistent and of  high-quality, a standardised approach is needed. This paper consists of three key parts:

  1. It clarifies the terminology around coding, programming, computer science, computing and digital literacy
  2. It provides an overview of various approaches to coding skills development in different countries
  3. It suggests that every child should have an opportunity to learn the essentials of computing, and that coding should be taught as part of computing.

The paper calls for a unified approach to digital skills development that would encompass digital literacy as well as computing.

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