CEN and CENELEC to Develop Age-Friendly Standards to Support The ‘Silver Economy’

European Standardisation Organisations CEN and CENCELEC, are ready to work with business and other stakeholders, including groups representing older citizens and consumers, to develop age-friendly standards that will meet the needs of an ageing population and support the growth of the silver economy in Europe.

How standardisation can support the silver economy’ was the main theme of the 3rd European Standardisation Summit in Istanbul on 11 June 2014 , which was organised by CEN and CENELEC (two of the European Standardisation Organisations) together with TSE (the Turkish Standards Institution).

The event was attended by more than 200 delegates, including leaders from national, European and international standardisation organisations, as well as representatives of the Turkish Government, the European Commission and other stakeholders.

The concept of the ‘silver economy’ refers to a wide range of activities that meet the needs of older citizens and customers. It encompasses housing and the environment, health and safety, transportation, information and communication technologies (ICT), diverse leisure activities, and various kinds of services such as home care services, etc.

As Europe is experiencing a significant demographic shift, millions of people who were born during the so-called ‘baby boom’ (post-1945) are getting older. Average life expectancy is also increasing thanks to advances in healthcare provision and medical science. In the year 2025 it is expected that older citizens (over 65 years) will represent at least 20% of the population in most European countries.

Find the full report on the summit here.