ADA.ADA.ADA, inspired by Ada Lovelace, coming to Tech Week 2016

Tech Week Ireland are delighted to announce that Ada.Ada.Ada, the amazing interactive one-woman show about Ada Lovelace, will be performed live at the Tech Week Showcase Event at the RDS on April 28th.

Who is Ada Lovelace?

Ada Lovelace was an English mathematician and writer who lived during the 19th century. She is best known for her work with Charles Babbage on an early mechanical general-purpose computer, the Analytical Engine. As the developer of the first complex computer program, she is considered to be the world’s first computer programmer.

Ada.Ada.Ada. – A One-Woman Show


Ada.Ada.Ada. follows the story of Ada Lovelace and her creation of the Analytical Engine in a truly unique way, condensing into a one-woman, 60-minute performance what was an extraordinary life and legacy. Award-winning storyteller Zoe Philpott will take the stage in a 4,400 interactive LED dress operated by programmable gloves. The costume was made in collaboration with world-leading technologist and founder of Hackspace London, Charles Yarnold.

The show has helped to inspire people all over the world to think more critically about the world of technology. It has been described as “a live performance that entertains, excites and educates” and “a story that pushes us to see our potential”. For many women in tech, the influence that Ada Lovelace has had on the industry cannot be overstated.

Alongside the other activities of the day, we hope that Ada Lovelace’s story will raise awareness about technology and help to inspire diversity and engagement in STEM in the future.

For more information about the event, check out the Tech Week Showcase web page or visit