7 tips for securing your iPhone from hackers

Via www.independent.ie

After the recent headlines regarding hackers accessing and releasing celebrities personal photo’s, many people have expressed concern on securing their iphone and whether they too could be targeted¬†and have their images or other information stolen in a similar way.

Here are 7 useful tips you can follow to help prevent data on your iPhone from being compromised.

1. Delete your photos from the cloud not just your phone

Removing photos from your camera roll album only deletes it from the phone, not the iCloud Photo Stream. The same applies to your shared photo stream which stores your photos on another persons device or iCloud.

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2. Use a complex password
The 128-bit AES iCloud encryption is strong and unlikely to be hacked. What could land you in trouble is using the same password for multiple log-ins. Your iCloud account should be secure enough, but if you use the same simple password to log-in to less secure sites that are easier for hackers, this can cause concern.

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3. Beware of free wi-fi

Free wi-fi is taken for granted by so many people, but the question is just how secure most of these networks are.
It is easy for hackers to give a network a legitimate-sounding name and wait for unsuspecting users to join. Once connected, there are many ways hackers can access passwords and data, again it comes down to using different, complex-as-possible passwords.

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4. Don’t trust unfamiliar computers
When charging your phone from a strange computer, make sure you click ‘Don’t trust’ when prompted, as trusting allows access to your phone contacts and photos. Your phone will still charge without compromising your information.

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5. Use a two-step verification process

It may seem like a pain and take an extra minute or two, but a two-step verification is a useful way to prevent any hacking attempts. When activated, any new device will have to be authenticated before it can log-on to your service, even if it uses the correct password. This means taht the person connecting needs to have your phone or device.

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6. Be careful who you are sharing photos with
Make sure that you trust the person your are sending photos to, apart from the possibility of them maliciously sharing the pictures, there’s also the risk that their phone or network security could be breached.

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7. Wipe the memory on old devices before disposal
Make sure that you wipe the memory of old phones, computers or tablets if selling or disposing of. Even if the device has a broken screen, this won’t stop someone from plugging it in to a computer and retrieving your data.