2017-2018 Scratch Competition Launches

The 2017 Scratch Competition will launch this week, to coincide with EU Code Week, taking place from 7th – 22nd October. Run by the ICS Foundation and supported by Lero, the Irish Software Research Centre, the Scratch Competition promotes computing and software development at both primary and secondary school levels.

Scratch is a visual programming language that encourages children to develop essential coding skills through fun and interactive learning. It challenges students to create stories, games and animations using software. It encourages innovation and creativity while giving them a taste of possible future careers in the IT sector where an estimated 44,500 new ICT professionals are needed by 2018.

Schools all over Ireland are now invited to register and take part in this year’s competition. The Scratch National Final will take place during Tech Week 2018 (22nd – 28th April). The closing date for registration is Friday 16th February 2018.

Jim Friars, CEO of the ICS Foundation said, “The ICS Foundation is proud to run the Scratch National Competition. The computing field has weathered the economic storm better than most. There continues to be strong demand for computing graduates and this project gives students practical experience of the skills required in this interesting, well-rewarded and growing profession.”

Education and Outreach Manager at Lero, Clare McInerney, said, “In 2017, Scratch turned 10 years old. It is amazing that over 24 million Scratch projects have been shared to date. Students in Ireland have actively taken part in this global community and contribute fantastic projects, particularly through the Scratch competition, to scratch.mit.edu every year. .”
For more information please see www.ics.ie/scratch, www.scratch.ie or contact scratch@ics.ie.