Over 1,300 Students Take Part in The Bebras Computing Challenge!

Well done to the 1,300 students from 50 schools across Ireland who took part in the Bebras Computing Challenge, which took place from 7th to 25th November.

This is the first year that Bebras has been run by the ICS Foundation in Ireland. The Bebras Community is an association of organizations which are involved with informatics and educational activities aiming to promote computational thinking among teachers and pupils of all ages. In 2015 over 1,300,000 students from 35 countries took part.

The Bebras Computing Challenge allows students to solve interactive tasks online which can be answered without prior knowledge about computational thinking or information and communication technology. There are 5 categories of challenge for students 6 years to 18 years of age and participant have 45 minutes to answer 15 multiple-choice questions that focus on computational and logical thinking.

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The ICS Foundation is a registered charity and the social enterprise division of the Irish Computer Society, a non-profit membership organisation. We are charged with advocating for digital literacy and the use of technology in education, research and developing policy on all aspects of ICT and supporting the ICT profession in Ireland. Other ICS Foundation initiatives and educational outreach projects include Tech Week Ireland and the National Scratch Competition.