• IT Professionals’ Day is a special day to act as a platform to raise awareness of the IT profession, the potential within the profession, the need for continued professionalism and contribution to society. On this day we are asking everyone to celebrate the contribution of IT professionals in using their talents and innovation to advance society for […]

  • IT Training Seminar

    IT Training Seminar

    What does it take for educational and training organisations to be digitally capable? On its 20th anniversary we invite you to ICS HQ for the annual IT Training Seminar, to explore issues of concern for training and development professionals and educational organisations involved in teaching with and through technology.

  • Tech Week Returns April 22nd – 28th 2018!

    Tech Week Returns April 22nd – 28th 2018!

    We are happy to announce the launch of Tech Week 2018, organised by the Irish Computer Society and supported by the SFI Discover programme. Now in its fifth year, the annual festival of technology will see as many as 100,000 students take part in a range of activities nationwide.

  • Blockchain Conference 2018

    Blockchain Conference 2018

    The Blockchain Association of Ireland will host a half-day conference on March 21st at the Irish Computer Society, Dublin 4. This event will look at the impact and potential for blockchain technologies to change the way we do business and develop IT systems. From banking, healthcare, supply chain and food traceability to energy, logistics, manufacturing, […]

  • Data Protection Conference 2018 a Huge Success!

    Data Protection Conference 2018 a Huge Success!

    The 10th Annual National Data Protection Conference took place on the 24 – 25th January 2018. The programme included informative workshops and presentations from some of Europe’s top data protection professionals. On the 24th of January we hosted six Pre-Conference Workshops at the Irish Computer Society. The workshops were designed to help participants become more compliant with […]

  • Digital Opportunity Traineeships Initiative

    Digital Opportunity Traineeships Initiative

    The crisis in the supply of high level digital skills continues to hamper ICT companies’ efforts to fill specialist roles. In an effort to address this skills shortage, the European Commission launched Digital Opportunity the traineeships initiative, in December, 2017. Digital Opportunity is a pilot project to boost digital skills through internships/traineeships to provide working […]

The Irish Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition was launched on 27th April, 2017. It is a multi-stakeholder partnership focussed on tackling the digital skills shortage and on upskilling everybody to take advantage of the digital economy and society. Representatives of academia, all education sectors, industry, the public service, the not-for-profit sector have come together to ensure that Ireland joins in the European effort to leverage the rewards of digitisation.
Tech Week is Ireland’s nationwide festival of technology aimed at students, parents and the public. It provides hands-on opportunities to learn about how computing and related technology are shaping every area of life ... Education, health, environment, social interaction, leisure, citizenship ... the list never ends and the pace of change never stops. Visit techweek.ie for more information
The Digital Skills for Citizens grant (formerly BenefIT 4) is awarded by the Department of Communications, Energy & Natural Resources, to community, voluntary and not-for-profit organisations to provide basic digital literacy training across Ireland. The aim of the scheme is to provide basic internet training, giving people the confidence, motivation and skills to take their first steps online, so that they can play their part in an increasingly digital world. Between 2008 and 2016, over 129,000 people were trained at over 700 locations countrywide under the BenefIT 4 programme, with ICS Foundation training over 10,000 people.